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Amrita Rathi/

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Program Officer

Amrita is a Program Officer at the Global Partnerships Forum, since September 2015. She holds a Master’s in Psychology in Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from top universities in India. She has international research work experience within the corporate sector in India, and professional research experience in academia and at NGO’s within the United States. Post-graduation, Amrita is interested in applying behavioral research skills towards the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of poverty alleviation, health, education and climate change.

Amrita has a keen interest in partnerships, particularly at the intersection of business, government and civil society, reflective of her collaborative work-style and demonstrated capacity to work as a team member as well as be a leader. She is multilinguistic, with excellent written and verbal skills, and strong interpersonal skills. Amrita has employed these skillsets at numerous opportunities to artfully communicate the GPF mission to various audiences such as UN officials, government representatives, businesses, academia and civil society.

At the GPF, Amrita most enjoys learning about projects and proposals of partner organizations, and is extremely adept in finding solutions to different challenges, through her intelligent analysis and commentary. In her day-to- day duties, Amrita handles a broad range of tasks, including administrative functions and social media updates, as well as manages the student engagement program. In addition, she oversees the planning and organization of high-level events and forums. This includes drafting conference programs and outreach to the United Nations system and Permanent Missions. During the UN General Assembly week in September 2015, Amrita handled all aspects of planning and implementation of a number of high-level events, including the flagship First Spouses Forum, which brought together high-profile women leaders and First Spouses of the United Nations, to support UN Women’s agenda. Her meticulous attention to detail, including diplomatic coordination and logistics, ensured that the proceedings went smoothly.

A lifelong learner at heart, in her free time Amrita loves improving her knowledge in different subjects through MOOC’s, volunteering as an English tutor, advocating for animal rights and climate change, reading non-fiction bestsellers, watching documentaries, participating in adventure sport activities and cooking!

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