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Atanur Demirci/ Technical Advisor

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Technical Advisor

Atanur Demirci is Technical Advisor at the Global Partnerships Institute. This website, as well as countless others such as the website of Pearl Initiative, has been designed and programmed by his hands. After majoring in Mechanical Computing Atanur studied Media Systems at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences - spending nights programming software. Before becoming Managing Partner of the The Indvisuals in 2006, Atanur worked as Creative Director and Strategic Consultant at Qdos Media.

His expertise includes custom database applications, ecommerce systems and content management systems. Being an expert in web and software programming, with more than 30 successfully delivered projects, Atanur gradually shifted to web and software strategies. Modern web site development requires people who keep everything in order and running at all times and Atanur is excellent in that. He displays technical and outer look accuracy on all his projects.

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