Former President of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Srgjan Kerim, receives the life achievement award.

New York, October 11, 2013: The Global Partnerships Forum congratulates His Excellency Dr. Srgjan Kerim, President of the 62nd Session of the General Assembly, on receiving the 2013 lifetime achievement award in the field of science and education. The ceremony, which took place in the Macedonian Parliament in Skopje on October 11, 2013,on the occasion of its National Liberation Day, celebrated the most outstanding national figures in the field of science and education; culture and arts; and journalism.

Amir Dossal, Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum, congratulated Dr. Kerim for this high honour, stating: “Dr. Kerim is a seasoned diplomat, economist, scholar and businessman, and moreover a global leader.  He is a quintessential role model in creating bridges across cultures and in building partnerships on a multidimensional level. The award represents nothing less than the well-deserved recognition of a life-long dedicated career in addressing the international development agenda.”

Dr. Kerim served as Foreign Minister from 2000 to 2001, in which capacity he also served as Chairman of the South-East European Cooperation Process. He was subsequently appointed as his country's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, from 2001 to 2003, during which time he served as vice-chairman of the International Conference on Financing for Development (Monterrey, 2002) and of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002). In addition, Dr. Kerim was a member of the group of facilitators of the President of the fifty-sixth UN General Assembly, focusing on UN reform, and was a co-organizer of the Regional Forum on Dialogue of Civilizations (Ohrid, 2003). 

In the field of academia, Dr. Kerim has served asProfessor of international economic affairs with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade. In addition, he was a visit­ing professor at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and at New York University. He has lectured widely on Balkan issues, is the author of nine books dealing with international politics, economics and youth, and has written more than 100 scholarly papers, many of which have been published in countries across Europe.  Dr. Kerim holds a doctorate in international economics from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade and is fluent in English, French, German as well as Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian.

Since 2003, Dr. Kerim has been General Manager of Media Print Macedonia in Skopje, and in 2004 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Politika Newspapers and Magazines in Belgrade. He has also been serving as General Manager for South-Eastern Europe of the WAZ Media Group, based in Vienna, since 2006.

Image:UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras

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