Photo courtesy GDLE

Photo courtesy GDLE

Global Diversity Leadership Exchange – UN 2015 Sustainable Profitability: The Triple Bottom Line

New York, 12 June 2015 – In addition to the Global Diversity Leadership Exchange’s fourth annual summit, this year marked the 25th anniversary of the American Disabilities Act.  During a multilateral meeting between members of both the private and public sector, panelists shared views on opportunities for women and people with different abilities, as well as changing technologies and innovations among millennials.

The Global Partnerships Forum was pleased to have Chairman Amir Dossal speak during the event.  During the discussion, Dean Garfield, President and CEO of the International Technology Information Council (ITIC), spoke of how companies need to be more inclusive of those with different abilities, “whether it’s through technology that they are enabling, or through their own practices, [or] whom they hire.”  The moderator, Geraldine Moriba, asked Dr. Janina Urussowa, the General Director of the Noncommercial Partnership Cultural Center, Bez Graniz, “What difference does inclusion in fashion make?”  Urussowa responded, “It is the possibility of people with different bodies to come out of the state of marginality to… life and fashion.”

As the second session began, the moderator, Bradley Smith of Global Listings Marketing, Nasdaq,  energized the ECOSOC Chamber by playing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”  Britnie Turner, Founder and CEO of Aerial Development Group, reflected on the challenges of starting her own business as a young woman and how she managed to succeed in a male dominated industry.  Turner helped developing communities around the world through housing projects.  Tiffany Pham, the Founder and CEO of Mogul, discussed how her app provides a platform that women around the world use to unite and empower one another.

An open discussion with attendees closed the event.  MaryAnne Howland, President and CEO of Ibis Communications, concluded, “At the end of the day we hope that you will be inspired, motivated, challenged, and renew your commitment to social change.”

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