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Audrey Nadler/ Research Assistant

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Research Assistant

Audrey Nadler is a Research Assistant at the Global Partnerships Forum.  She is also a full time student at Hamilton College, studying World Politics and Hispanic Studies.  Audrey manages GPF website updates, which include writing and uploading articles for the Newsroom and updating GPF staff information.  She is also responsible for social media updates on the GPF Facebook and Instagram.

Audrey has participated in a number of meetings at the United Nations, across a range of sectors including protection of oceans and seas, women's empowerment, investing in Africa, etc.  She has also developed proposals to support programs and projects for various United Nations organizations.  Audrey now has a deep understanding of the goals and objectives of the United Nations, including its inner functions.  She is very familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals.  Audrey assisted in the planning and organization of several events, including the ECOSOC Partnerships Forum and the One Ocean Symposium at the United Nations.  She has also undertaken extensive research on organizations to participate in the GPF's upcoming event in London.  In addition, Audrey writes  and edits outreach materials for the GPF.

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