Moving the needle from talk to action

Over the last four years, the Global Partnerships Forum has hosted 120+strategic dialogues, workshops, seminars and forums in 10 countries, where over 8,000 delegates have participated.

We support our partners by holding frank and open discussions about some of the world’s most challenging issues, bringing together leaders from civil society, government and the private sector.

Examples of GPF curated discussions include:

Healthy Oceans and Seas: A Way Forward?; Women Leaders Forum; Entrepreneurship Clinic; Web 3.0 Interactive Innovation Forum; D. Talks: The Changing Corporate Dynamic: Shifting From Charity to Smart Investment; GETHealth Summit; United Nations Youth Assembly; Broadband Commission for Digital Development Annual Report Launch; Decide Now Act (DNA) Summit; Launch of the Digital UN @ Social Innovation Summit Conference; Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Education;Event in Honor of Ambassador Raymond Wolfe, Permanent Representative of the Mission of Jamaica to the UN; Workshop on Partnerships Best Practices and their Contributions to Rio+20; Broadband Leadership Summit. High-Level Meeting on United Nations Public-Private Partnership on ICT; Nexus: Global Youth Summit; Social Development Forum; Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Roundtable Discussion: Smart Power, Smart Philanthropy; Columbia Future Leaders Conference - and many more.

Depending on the focus areas and respective perspectives to be engaged, the GPF supports its partners through a variety of ways, including:

  • Curating an appropriate format, developing thematic priorities and strategic timing
  • Facilitating high-level speaker participation
  • Driving impact through coalition-building and strategic partnerships
  • Positioning GPF members as speakers at high-level roundtables and international conferences

What are the formats?

Global and Regional Summits: Flagship Conferences and Forums that bring together a large group of stakeholders to engage on specific topics with a high degree of audience interaction.

Strategic Dialogues and Workshops provide an opportunity for knowledge sharing on a common subject from which stronger understanding and more focused partnerships can emerge. Dialogues raise awareness, support consensus building, and encourage informed action.

Clinics and Salons provide an interactive platform to showcase cutting-edge projects, where members share ideas on partnerships, and discuss innovations and best practice.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) provide a platform to a group of people who interact regularly on a common topic of shared interest with the goal of learning from one another or consensus building on certain policy issues.

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