GPI Entrepreneurship Clinic/ A 5-Day Intensive Training Program for Young Leaders

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Peter Drucker


The Global Partnerships Institute has created a unique program for students and young leaders to learn how to convert their ideas into sound business models, as well as gain an understanding on the workings of the United Nations, and its potential links to business..


The GPI Entrepreneurship Clinic is a 5-day intensive course to enable students harness global diplomacy opportunities, and enhance their business acumen and leadership skills. By understanding the role of international development, participants will be provided with tools for innovative collaboration that can accelerate personal and professional growth. They will also obtain an appreciation of the inner workings of the United Nations.

The course is designed to motivate aspiring change-makers to become global business leaders and innovators. In the current financial climate, when jobs are difficult to come by, the Clinic is aimed at empowering students to gain skill sets and a knowledge base to tackle international societal problems.

The Entrepreneurship Clinic will provide students with concrete suggestions on how to create a winning business model, understand the challenges of building your own enterprise, develop a solid business plan, obtain financing, and moreover understand how to leverage the power of the international community. The course will include field visits to the United Nations, including a VIP tour.


Students can expect to fulfill the following objectives by the end of the course:

  • Develop an appreciation for creating sustainable solutions at a global level
  • Learn about challenges and opportunities of creating a new business venture:
    • Identifying business prospects, including thorough market research
    • Developing a clear strategy and a winning business plan
    • Creating the right stewardship, corporate governance and legal framework
    • Building a top-class management team, including recruitment and retention
    • Packaging your vision into a cutting-edge brand, including a communications strategy, targeted marketing and social media outreach for product and service offerings
    • Understanding different financing mechanisms, including grants, loans, angel investing and other types of capital injection
    • Keeping a close eye on administration and management issues
  • Understand key issues involving the role of business in society, such as impact investing, global partnerships, shared value, social entrepreneurship, and strategic philanthropy.
  • Gain knowledge of global diplomacy and international relations, which can enhance and open non-traditional business opportunities
  • Benefit from intimate discussions with leading thinkers from the diplomatic community, businesses, investment firms, foundations, and social enterprises
  • Engage in a valuable networking platform, which will enable them to connect with leading thinkers who could be potential mentors or investors
  • Create an Alumni network which can help grow a community of like-minded innovators

The course is aimed at students and young entrepreneurs who are focused on creating new enterprises and initiatives that can scale their impact on a global level. The course is designed to use your creative skills to identify and package new opportunities and connect the dots, which can help bring about sustainable social change.


Who should attend?

This course is intended for students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, as well as young entrepreneurs starting a new business venture.

Dates for the next Entrepreneurship Clinic

To Be Determined:

Meeting Times

Students will attend Monday-Thursday from 9:00-5:00pm and on Friday from 9:00-4:00pm.


Enrollment is limited to 12-15students, to enable close interaction with course leaders and fellow participants. In case applications exceed the enrollment maximum, the organizers will give priority to those students for the Summer 2014 program.


In addition to the essential pre-reading (which will be provided to all enrolled students in advance of the lectures), the coursework involves active class participation; adequate preparation is expected and any student who feels unprepared should work with the instructor to better understand the concepts. Cell phone use will not be permitted during class.


TheClinic will be tailored to the needs of specific groups, and will include a selection of the topics below:

  • Branding, Marketing and Outreach – Getting the message out
  • Communications – Creating a simple, compelling story targeted to important constituencies
  • Developing a Good Business Plan – Telling your story by packaging your venture
  • Diplomacy – Using the international development framework for positive impact
  • Funding Options – Accessing high net-worth individuals, foundations or government funding
  • Financial Management – Developing a solid system for fiduciary oversight and to manage costs
  • Governance – Building a board that brings expertise, networks, and funding to the enterprise
  • Leadership Development – How to lead people and manage resources effectively
  • Legal Structure – Managing risks and protecting the brand
  • Networks – Building relationships
  • Organizational Design – Integrating functional excellence with programmatic quality
  • Organizational Development - Building a winning team to create a cogent working environment
  • Partnerships – Leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships for ‘doing well and doing good’
  • Product and Service Offering – Refining programs to best meet stakeholder needs
  • Public Speaking – Using the art of creative outreach to articulate your vision
  • Strategy – Learning from initial successes to develop a blueprint for scale


The cost of a one-week Entrepeneurship Clinic course ranges from $4,500-$5,000. To participate, please download our registration form and submit it to the Course Aministrator.

For additional information, including designing a targeted program, please contact Ms. Adama N’Diaye, Course Administrator, at:

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