What we are


To accelerate the social impact of people and organizations around the world through innovative collaboration.


  • To build partnerships and alliances around the MDGs and the emerging Sustainable Development Goals
  • To build a knowledge base and a body of good practice, so that investors are guided towards opportunities which support social causes
  • To secure new investments through partnerships for sustainable development


The Global Partnerships Forum, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is a membership-driven organization that provides a platform for innovative partnerships and alliances. It brings together leaders from across sectors to address global challenges, and fosters economic growth, by moving the needle beyond aid to economic empowerment.


As the United Nations moves from the Millennium Development Goals towards to its successor arrangements – Sustainable Development Goals - the Global Partnerships Forum is well positioned to direct new investment vehicles for achieving these goals through creative partnerships and alliances. The Global Partnerships Forum provides a platform for innovative collaboration, and in doing so promotes sustainable development and positive social change at a global level.


Today’s economic and social challenges can no longer be addressed through traditional investment vehicles or simply through development assistance. The needs of the underprivileged cannot be solved unilaterally, but require multiple constituencies to collaborate in support of common goals – through the Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships Model. Using the leadership of the private sector, the normative role of the public sector, the expertise of academia, and successful delivery mechanisms of civil society, our focus areas include:

  • Learning: Knowledge center for leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and partnerships
  • Forums: Results-focused Global and Regional Summits, Clinics, Workshops, Symposia and Salons
  • Strategic Advisory: Advice, mentorship and guidance on high-impact programs
  • Portal: Virtual platform for research, best practice and knowledge sharing on partnerships


  • a platform for ideas
  • a pool of knowledge
  • an aggregator of expertise
  • a broker of partnerships
  • a catalyst for change

Ideas, expertise, knowledge and collaboration are the four pillars of our operations.


In 1997, when Ted Turner committed US$1 billion to support UN causes, it became clear that the needs of the underprivileged could not be addressed unilaterally, but require multiple constituencies to collaborate in support of common goals. Working in support of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s global agenda, the GPF aims to move beyond aid to an investment model, using the power of partnerships.

The Global Partnerships Forum provides an enabling environment to collaborate with policy makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, and thought leaders from across sectors – to encourage investments that also promote social good. We provide lessons learned, best practice and information on projects that can have sustainable social impact and help achieve greater prosperity around the world.

Over the last three years, the Global Partnerships Forum has hosted 120+ strategic dialogues, workshops, seminars and forums in 10 countries, where over 8,000 delegates have participated. We have held frank and open discussions about some of the world’s most challenging issues. The GPF has advised over 30 countries and more than 20 multinational corporations on their strategic choices for the future. In addition, we have fielded over 3,500 enquiries from social entrepreneurs, SMEs, and civil society.

As a result of the leadership role of our partners, we have had the privilege of serving as catalysts for humanitarian aid, trade agreements and better international relations.

However, we can do more. And with your help, we can

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