China Beauty Charity Fund F4D/FIT Scholarship Benefit Gala

Last year, Yue-Sai Kan launched the China Beauty Charity Fund with the aim of bettering the lives of women and children through education, health and cultural programs. During the fund's first China-based event she managed to raise no less than 2.2 million US dollars. The money was directly invested to support Safety for Mother and Child programs in remote, poor regions of China as well as the Shanghai International Film Festival for five female filmmakers to produce micro movies on women and charity issues.

Or to put it in the words of Yue-Sai Kan:

"I have always believed that beauty is power and we can use this power to accomplish millions of wonderful things for people in need. For the CBCF’s first major fundraiser in the United States, I thought what better subject matter than FASHION? It creates millions of jobs in developing countries especially for women. It helps preserve ancient arts and crafts AND can often times assume the role of a cultural exchange ambassador.

Many of you may know that for the past two years, I have been serving as director of Miss Universe China. Both my top girls Zilin Luo from 2011 and Jidan Xu from 2012 were dressed by Chinese designer Guo Pei during the National Costume Segment of Miss Universe Final. Jidan went on to win top prize with Guo Pei’s Chinese Blue Porcelain Dress. Guo Pei’s designs always contain Chinese elements, from embroidery to traditional patterns. Her studio employs hundreds craftsmen. Many of her sculptural creations take thousands of hours to make. They are true works of art and true embodiment of the essence of Chinese culture mixed with modern Western haute couturing.

On September 6, the CBCF will hold its first annual gala at the Pierre Hotel. (See flyer for further details) I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Guo Pei to American audiences with a solo fashion show. My dear friend Vivienne Tam has also agreed to lend her support as our honoree of the night. With these two internationally renowned designers who take tremendous pride in their Chinese origin beside me, I’m confident that we will have a successful gala. Proceeds of the night will go to a scholarship program at the Fashion Institute of Technology to benefit Chinese students. I’m also partnering with Fashion 4 Development, which works closely with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Office as part of its “Every Woman, Every Child” initiative. F4D will take in the beneficiaries after they graduate and use its connections and infrastructure to make sure that these students intern with global brands, find investments to open workshops back in China, give them full support in preserving and utilizing traditional Chinese folk art techniques and spearhead sustainable economic growth in poor Chinese regions.

I hereby invite you to help me with a cause close to my heart. You are welcome to purchase a table or just an individual ticket. Please use the reply form to make your tax-deductible donation.

We also have a corporate sponsor kit available in case you are interested in the various levels of benefits and exposure the event offers. Please contact  Min Fan to discuss sponsorship details. She can be reached via email

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