Global Health Impact Forum - Family Offices and Foundations Inspired for Health

On Monday, May 5th and Tuesday, May 6th the Global Partnerships Forum together with Cavendish Global, The New York Academy of Sciences and International Telecommunication Union will host the Global Health Impact Forum at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Global Health Impact Forum is an invitation-only platform for pro-social family offices and foundations in support of the goals and objectives of the United Nations System.  It is a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment focused on health for a global network of over 150 leading family offices and foundations from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.  The forum is dedicated to organizations actively seeking to accelerate technological innovation and health access through sustainable philanthropy, grant-making and impact investing.  Over 50 accomplished healthcare delivery professionals, health-policy experts, and philanthropic organizations show how to positively impact health, health access and medical outcomes on a regional or national basis.  We also highlight groundbreaking discoveries and innovations by scientists that have the potential for transformational impact on disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and medical outcomes.

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