Global Social Compliance Programme General Meeting

New York, November 4, 2014: The Global Partnerships Forum was pleased to participate in the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) general meeting that took place on Tuesday, 3 November 2014, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Global Social Compliance Programme, which is part of The Consumer Goods Forum, headquartered in Paris, focuses on improving and encouraging global supply chains to provide decent work conditions and wages, and limit harmful and lasting environmental impact. Launched in 2007, the origins of the GSCP was a collective initiative supported by a group of global buying companies in an effort to create sustainable practices that would improve their supply bases. Currently, with its 39 members, the GSCP continues its unified efforts to establish consistent systems and practices (based on member experience and expertise) that will monitor and improve social and environmental compliance practices.

The general meeting proved to be very productive, providing members the opportunity to contribute to the Programme’s future direction and focus, share practices and experiences and exchange ideas with other members, businesses and the GSCP Advisory and Executive Board members.

Key speakers included, Mr. Peter Freedman, Managing Director of The Consumer Goods Forum; Ms. Zoe McMahon, Director, Global Social and Environmental Responsibility, Hewlett-Packard (Chair of the GSCP Executive Board); Rev. David Schilling, Director of Human Rights and Resources Programs, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (Chair of the GSCP Advisory Board); and Mr. Didier Bergeret, Executive Head of the GSCP.

The GSCP also hosted its Executive and Advisory Board meetings on Monday, November 2, which were organized by Mr. Didier Bergeret, Executive Head of GSCP, to discuss the GSCP's broader mission. The meetings hosted members of both boards, including GPF Chairman, Mr. Amir Dossal, who serves on the Advisory Board.

To learn more about the GSCP, and its continued efforts, please follow the link.

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