Ideapod: A New Form of Social Media

On Tuesday, June 18th, the first public screening of a new idea sharing platform, Ideapod, was launched to inspire change by highlighting new ideas from the world's biggest thinkers and encouraging the creation of ideas that will lift our eyes to a better future. The “Ideapod Preview” was launched to showcase examples of thought leaders and organizations creating partnerships and crowd sourcing ideas in addressing some of the world's greatest challenges and opportunities. Amir Dossal, Chairman of the Global Partnership Forum, gave the keynote speech. He discussed the profound ramifications of social media in changing the way we interact and subsequently our personal habits.

Michael Marantz, Director at Already Alive, and Katherine Keating, Executive Producer of the One on One video series were among the other speakers. Katherine showed a screening to the trailer of her interview series, which included an exclusive interview with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google. The film fuses politics with pop culture and was presented in collaboration with Ideapod. The presentations were followed by a demonstration of the Ideapod platform and a reception to continue the conversation of inspiring change in social media. There were roughly 150 people  in attendance including UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, Sandbox, and Estee Lauder among other organizations.

The co-founders, Justin Brown and Mark Bakacs, are determined to enhance the power of ideas on the web and ultimately change the course of human history. This novelty in social media will be launching in July in partnership with some of the world's most influential organizations and thought leaders, including the United Nations.

Ideapod has the potential to create positive actions within social media to new and greater heights. The Global Partnerships Forum is excited to be a part of this initiative with more than one million user invitations to be sent out.

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