International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

April 6th is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.  Join the GPF in celebrating the second annual occurrence of this exciting event.

The organization, Peace and Sport believes that, “Peace is not merely a state of absence of war. Peace is taught, learned and transmitted.”  They promote the idea that sport can be used to facilitate discussion, community, and respect that is not confined by political, social, racial, or religious differences.  Peace and Sport works to spread their message through a networking platform, forums, giving awards to individuals who make a difference, and local projects and programmes based in the field.

Last year, Peace and Sport launched the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace initiative in order to inspire people all over the world to celebrate the benefits of sport. The participants get an opportunity to highlight the important work that they are doing and the social impact through sport that they have witnessed firsthand. Last year, this platform brought together 350 projects in 92 countries, representing 40 different sports. We can help make the second IDSDP an even larger success and encourage the world to, “Celebrate sport as a tool for peace and development, expand your network and take part in a worldwide movement!” (Peace and Sport).

For more information on this incredible initiative and to add your event, please click here.

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