Liechtenstein Foundation for State Governance and Global Partnerships Forum Sign in Strategic Alliance

At a ceremony at the Liechtenstein Residence in New York, the Liechtenstein Foundation for State Governance (LFSG) and the Global Partnerships Form (GPF) signed today a memorandum of understanding setting forth a strategic alliance to provide financial and political development and inclusion through joint initiatives in select countries to be agreed upon between LFSG and GPF, including joint initiatives in furtherance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Initiatives under the LFSG-GPF strategic alliance will strive to achieve meaningful capacity development, public education and financial reform in the select countries by establishing long-term, institutionalized and sustainable transfer of critical knowledge and implementation tools. The knowledge and implementation tools, which form the basis of such joint LFSG-GPF initiatives, shall be transferred through the LFSG modular proprietary knowledge platform that provides representatives of the select countries with the necessary skillsets and instruments to design and implement the sustainable financial and political development of their countries. The platform modules are based on global best practices and contain an extensive range of adaptation parameters to the political, economic, social and cultural realities of the particular country.

The initiatives under the LFSG-GPF strategic alliance shall be predicated upon extensive public education and financial literacy campaigns, to be implemented by local task forces based on know-how and tools acquired through the LFSG platform methodology. This extensive knowledge transfer will generate stakeholder engagement and mobilization at all levels of society, and aim at addressing current deficiencies of implementing capacities by ensuring that individuals are equipped with the necessary know-how and skills to execute and implement needed reforms in key institutions.

The initiatives under the LFSG-GPF strategic alliance will be driven by task forces drawn from the particular countries. These task forces will consist of preeminent local professionals and decision makers, including legislators, government officials, judges, lawyers, economists and financial markets professionals, policy makers, educators and academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors, thought leaders, and members of the media.

The Liechtenstein Foundation for State Governance was represented at the signing ceremony by H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein (Member of the Foundation Board) and Dr. Daniel Levin (Member of the Foundation Board). The Global Partnerships Forum was represented at the signing ceremony by Amir Dossal (Chairman and Founder) and Geoffrey Boehm (Senior Advisor and Counsel).

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