Mina's List

The GPF is proud to highlight the incredible work of Mina's List.  This important organization seeks to help create equal political representation for women around the world.  They provide resources and support to women who desire to run for office, specifically those who seek to make women's rights a focal point in politics.  Women face a unique set of obstacles to achieving political office and ML empowers all women to overcome those challenges.  

"Research shows that more women in government leads to increased protection of women's rights and higher standards of living for all people. Mina’s List provides the educational tools and resources to achieve women’s equal political participation globally."

Mina's List recognizes the importance of partnerships and brings together people from diverse backgrounds in order to leverage the different experiences and expertise and create the most effective collaboration.  Their network of elected officials, academics, civil society leaders, and political experts helps to bridge a gap between those of the political realm and civil society.

To see the latest from Mina's List, check out their Facebook page here.

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