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New York Fund Makes Grant to Palau International Coral Reef Research Centre

The Fund for a Sustainable Palau (FSP) is proud to announce its first grant, to the Palau International Coral Reef Research Center (PICRC), to support its work. One of the missions of the Fund is to promote the establishment of the Palau Marine Sanctuary and the FSP is confident that PICRC will be instrumental in developing the science to make that happen.

Palau will be a model for the world if it succeeds in implementing President Remengesau's vision. Palau's Ambassador for Oceans and Seas, Stuart Beck, has highlighted that vision at the United Nations.

Palau's efforts are particularly important now, as the UN prepares to adopt goals which will guide international development assistance for the next fifteen years. Those goals include a call upon the member states to create enough marine protected areas to regenerate the fish-stocks for the benefit of all mankind. Palau will inspire that effort.

Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of PICRC, commenting on the grant, said:  “We are truly grateful and thankful to FSP for their support to the Center and its work.  With all the threats, facing our marine environment, we need the best information, based on sound science, to guide our decisions in managing and conserving marine resources.  This grant will help PICRC in fulfilling its mission to guide efforts supporting coral reef stewardship through research and its applications for the people of Palau, Micronesia, and the world.”

Mr. Mark Newhouse, the Chairman of the FSP said:

"Palau's attempt to preserve its environment and it way of life can lead the world. This proves that a country's size is not as important as the values it represents. This is a great start to the FSP's grant program in Palau, and we will continue to support PICRIC and others in Palau who share our goals."

FSP Board members Mark Newhouse, Dr. Ellen Pikitch, Tulik Beck, Ambassador Stuart Beck and Amir Dossal (not shown -Tom Silk, Esq. and Aaron Korman, Esq.) at the UN planning the July 1 symposium "Regenerating the World's Fish-stocks" at which world leaders and leading scientists from around the world, including Dr. Yimnang  Golbuu, will discuss their work in advancing ocean health.

For further information about the FSP and to learn more about its ongoing grant program, contact Tulik Beck at

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