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Nexus holds 5th annual youth summit at the United Nations

New York, July 24, 2015: Nexus Global Youth Summit held its 5th annual summit at the United Nations on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship from July 22-25.  Rachel Cohen Gerrol and Jonah Wittkamper brought together one of the most inspiring group of young people from around the world to support the mission of the United Nations – they are true pioneers in the art of innovative collaboration.  The event was co-hosted by the UN Office for Partnerships, with Will Kennedy  - a gracious and welcoming host - setting the scene on behalf of the United Nations.

Nexus is a global movement of more than 2500 young, social entrepreneurs, investors, and allies who work toward the goal of improving philanthropy and social impact investing.  The network collaborates to advance next generation leadership across nations and various sectors as well as to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship for education, dialogue, and problem solving.  The membership includes people from more than 70 countries and hundreds of the world’s most distinguished families.

Since its foundation in 2011, Nexus has convened its summits in partnership with the United Nations and a number of governments, and has been featured internationally in the media.  These influential summits have helped scale projects globally, facilitated to inspire the creation of various social businesses and non-profits, and have generated millions of dollars in new giving.

The value of bringing young people together is what makes a difference for the United Nations, and the Global Partnerships Forum is honored to be involved in this noble effort.  The 4-day programme was truly inspiring and engaging with numerous young entrepreneurs and leaders committed to making a difference in society.  

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