Special Lunch Event for REYKJADALUR

The Kids Parliament foundation, in association with FKA – the Icelandic Association of Women Entrepreneurs, has organised its first ever event, in Reykjavik.

The Magic Ring Kids project charity luncheon for Reykjadalur will take place on October 20th at HARPA, Reykjavik concert hall and conference centre- in Nordurljos from 13:00 – 15:00. The patron of the event is Amir Dossal from New York , the founder and chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum (GPF) and it will be hosted by Jakob Frimann Magnusson, Mananging Director at Reykjavik City Center Alliance.

Reykjadalur is a summer camp with weekend programs during the winter for children and youngsters with disabilities. It is run by SLF, a non profit organization, and has been in operation since 1963 serving approximately 200 children each year. The people at Reykjadalur strive to create an educational and comfortiable environment where the children feel safe, make new friends, are in touch with nature and generally experience adventures with a feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile. It is also a means to give parents a short respite from the constant day to day care of their disabled children.

The cost and maintenance of this care home is very high but the pleasure it gives each child is incalculable. We are hoping to raise enough money to buy among other things a hoist to enable children to be lifted safely; electrically adjustable beds, and to create “Snuzelen” room. These rooms are specially designed to deliver stimuli to various senses using lighting effects, colour, sounds, music, scents etc.

For more information contact or visit the kidsparliament's website.

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